About Us

Our story


We are a full service Estate Liquidation Service. We are a husband and wife team with over 30 years combined of selling experience.
We both have had our own Antique, Collectibles, & Fine Furnishing stores. We also have Years of internet sales experience. We have also sold a huge selection of household items. We know the resale market in and out. Our years of experience has taught us how to research and sell items at the best possible prices.
When we relocated to the Branson area, we decided we would focus our business on jewelry and watches, our specialty for 10+ years.  So we set out to purchase entire estate lots of jewelry and watches for possible resale or collect. When purchasing Jewelry Estates, we were often asked what to do with the rest of the contents.
Our recommendation was most always an estate sale over an auction, and mostly due to the unpredictability of a one day venue.
We were finally talked into conducting our first Estate sale. The clients needed the sale done in short order, and all of the companies they contacted were booked up and could not help.  It was a lot of work, but in the end was truly successful, and a start of something new for us.
We are now Blessed with a great trustworthy crew, and following of great customers.

We do understand how overwhelming it is to liquidate an entire household or a partial one. There are many reasons that necessitate a liquidation, be it death, divorce, down size, or just a common move. All of these are stressful in itself, without the added stress of clearing the contents of a Home.
Let us remove the stress of selling your items with terms that best fit your needs.

Our end goal is to make this as effortless for you as possible and of course, netting you the most for your Estate.