Most frequent questions and answers

An Estate Sale is an organized sale of the contents of a home. This may include larger items such as vehicles, lawn equipment, boats, etc. Items from all areas of the home are displayed and priced, in a clean and organized manner, using our tables, shelving and racks if needed. Items are sold full price, then discounted 25% then 50% as the days go by. Items that are sold are listed on a spreadsheet at the cash register for our records and yours. Any items that are left at the end, we will auction off. This insures total liquidation of all items.

We recommend not throwing anything away except for common paper or food trash. Most folks are amazed at what will sell and is of collectible or general household value. We know what will sell and will take care of items that are of no value. No need to be embarrassed about things that may be out of sorts, as we go through and pull things out of drawers & closets to organize before setting up your sale.

We like and try to have our sales for at least 5 days and this benefits your bottom line. Minimum discount days are the last two days with an auction at the end. Depending on the size of the sale, we may extend these days.
We normally have a check in the mail to our clients 7 business days after the sale.

Items that are of special interest or of higher values we do like to try to pre sale. Special interest items draw attention from buyers all over the US. We want to make these items available to as many customers as possible. Higher ticket items have a better chance of selling for full price if they are available to purchase for a longer period of time than the regular sale time of 5 days.

At an Estate Sale, items are displayed throughout the home and garage in a very well organized manner. Items are priced and cleaned if needed. Most items are sold with some control over the final value. The commission of an Estate Sale generally covers all costs of the sale.
An Auction, is a fast setup of items usually with no organization or cleaning. There is no control over the auctioned sale price of items unless started at minimum bids per you our client. One day Auction commissions, only seem lower than estate sales. Auction commissions usually do not include advertising, help, tent rental if rain is expected, or porta potties. These costs usually added at the end then many times exceeds the Estate Sale commission.

This will depend on several factors. First how far out we are booked. Next depends on the amount of items in the home. The more items that need pulled out of closets, cabinets and drawers and extent of cleaning needed, the longer it will take. Also, sometimes items are stored in boxes and/or trunks and need to be unpacked. While, Teresa and the team are staging, and cleaning, Bill is taking photos and advertising the sale and posting individual items.
Average time to organize an average size house without closet and cabinets packed full is between 200 to 300 man hours combined. We can generally bring in our tables and other items to stage the sale, setup and have a sale in 2 to 3 weeks. If the sale is complicated by more volume of items or lots of specialty items that will need accurate research, it may take a bit longer.

We do have a minimum to do a sale. We would need to view the items in person to make this decision, as it may be a sale we can use minimum help on, plus we can give you other options on Liquidation.

Most of the time the family have already removed the personal items they are aware of. If we or one of our trustworthy team members come across any of these items we place them in a safe place and notify you immediately. We have found these items in the past, and even mailed them out of State when needed

Our Commission rates vary from 35% to 45%. These all depend on the size, work involved, and travel to and from the sale site. Commission rates for higher ticket items, such as vehicles included in the sale, is much lower. Keep in mind when considering our commission rates to other companies. In most every case, we net you more than someone that charges nominal and has shorter sales. We feel confident in getting you more for your items even if other companies charge lower rates. Our 30 years of combined knowledge of value and actual resale of a wide range of items is a powerful tool in netting you the most for your items.

Most of our determination comes from years of selling various items. We stay up to date on trends and hot selling items in today’s market. We will never know it all and like to learn new things. Our specialty is jewelry, watches, antiques and collectibles and fine furnishings. We have all the resources needed to research and value what we don’t know. We also stay on top of the retail and secondary market value of items by frequenting local stores and online sources.

We are a premium paid subscriber of Estate Sales . Net. This site is well known to a large group of regular buyers. We also use Craigslist, Estate Sales . Org, Facebook Page, Facebook Sales Groups, and on this Website. We also advertise in the local newspapers, and we will advertise Premium items in Larger markets well away from your home.
We Post lots of professional signs to help all customers to find us during Sale days. This includes pop in drive by buyers that may not be aware of the sale.

It is common for family members or individuals relocating to want to keep some items and that is fine of course. If you have an item you would like to sell but fear it may not bring the right value, give us the chance to help assure you.  If there is an item that can not be found, we will do our best to locate when setting up. We do ask, that if you have not requested an item and we  picture it and advertise it for sale, you do not pull it from the sale. It is discouraging to buyers to see items online then find out later it is no longer for sale

We accept Credit & Debit Cards, Cash and Personal In State only Checks with drivers license information.

Yes we do. Our years of resale experience has given us the knowledge needed not only to price but to authenticate & value most all items. Our Appraisals can be for insurance replacement or just realistic resale values. We sometimes do appraisals for families that want to divide an estate equally in value.

We are based in the Branson MO area. We have done sales as far as Mountain Home Ar, as well as locally in the Branson & Springfield Mo surrounding area. Depending on the sale and accommodations, we would be willing to travel to you.

No, there are no upfront costs. Most all costs are included in the commission rate. Only under rare circumstances are additional costs added. Unusual clean up or excessive trash removal are examples, and you will be informed in advance.

We will leave the property clean and free of any leftover items or trash. Sometimes, the home is already sold, thus we leave the property ready for the walk through. Floors vacuumed, counters, sinks and bathrooms get a basic cleaning and left the way when we arrived. We do clean the open spaces from items that are no longer in the home.

We do allow it, but highly discourage it. Due to the sentimental issues with items, it is sometimes hard to watch these items being sold and leaving the home. Also, some customers may not be kind in their remarks about items, home, or prices. Also, buyers prefer not to negotiate and make purchases when owners or Family are present.

Yes, we are insured and bonded. Although we are insured, we require the home to be covered by homeowners insurance.

Come to one. We encourage and recommend any potential clients to come to one of our sales to see first hand how it organized and conducted. Hope to see you soon.